Imagination in play and imagination in STEM


In Conversation with Monash University’s Conceptual PlayLab Researchers

“Developing children’s imagination is at the same time developing their ability to think conceptually and what’s exciting about our work is that we focus on imagination knowing that in imaginary situations they can grow these amazing concepts.” – Professor Marilyn Fleer

Marilyn Fleer holds the Foundation Chair in Early Childhood Education and Development at Monash University. In 2019, Fleer became the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellow. Fleer describes winning the Laureate: “Like winning a gold medal, it is just unbelievable, like winning the noble prize for academia in Australia.”

We caught up with Fleer and Senior Research Fellows Dr Prabhat Rai and Dr Glykeria Fragkiadaki to learn more about their ground-breaking research study as they investigate how families and teachers create conditions for children’s conceptual thinking in play-based settings.

Listen to part one below!