A Week of Fun, Connection, Learning and Play

Celebrating 50 years of Playgroup Victoria!

National Playgroup Week provides us with a great opportunity to come together, share our stories, have fun, revel in the wonder of childhood and commemorate our 50-year milestone. Playgroup has been a part of so many of our lives. It weaves together fragments of our early years, development, history, culture and identity. Spanning generations, we look forward to hearing your recollections of playgroup, right up to the present generation leading the way with enthusiasm and delight.

Remember When… this is how so many good stories begin.

We thought it apt to begin our 50-year celebration sharing our favourite playgroup memories.

From small rural playgroups to large city groups, we welcome your stories. You may have met your friend 20 years ago at playgroup. Your children may have grown up together. Playgroup may have been a saviour for you in a challenging time. You may have watched your child achieve a huge developmental milestone while at playgroup. You may have watched your child explore more, laugh more and bond with others. You may have experienced simple joy or profound change- playgroup holds all of those things and more. We cannot wait to walk down memory lane with you all.

Remember when… this is how so many good stories begin.

National Playgroup Week Promo Pack

We have a collection of colourful artworks to showcase National Playgroup Week! Download our flyers, posters and social posts. We encourage you to share these resources widely. We would love for you to share this with your friends and network!

Advertise Your National Playgroup Week Event!

Share your National Playgroup Week event details and activities with us and we will promote them right here on our website! This is an opportunity to connect with your wider community and welcome families to your playgroup. Please provide a weblink containing details of your playgroup event via email to: marketing@playgroup.org.au

Let’s Celebrate and Award Local Efforts!

Nominate Your Playgroup Champion

Who is your playgroup hero? Who do you wish to thank for their contributions?

Playgroup is a collective, shared experience, one that cannot happen without the input, kindness, hard work and consideration of those involved. Nominate someone who has made a positive difference during your time at playgroup today!

This year we will crown TWO Playgroup Champions as part of our 50-year anniversary!

The categories are:

Current Playgroup Champions

Lifetime Playgroup Champions

We will also award two runners-up, one in each category.

Nominations close 11/03/2024. Terms and Conditions available HERE

“I think playgroups have a very special place, in connecting families with young children into a community.”- Professor Emeritus Dorothy Scott, Playgroup Victoria Patron

National Playgroup Week Inspiration for Playgroups

  • Run a Teddy Bears Picnic: Invite your group to bring their teddies and enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors
  • Show-and-Tell Special: Bring along something important to you and share a story with the group
  • Cooking and Culture: Cook something as a group such as scones or cookies or invite members of your group to share a special dish
  • Crafty cards: Make cards together or make crafty messages and artworks to share with friends, family and those in your local community
  • Nature walk day: Explore your local green spaces and enjoy discovering different plants and animals as a group. What new things can you see and find?
  • Excursion: Did you know that playgroups take place in all sorts of different places and venues? Enjoy a special day out and visit new spaces such as your local botanic gardens, museum, library or playground
  • Bring a book to playgroup day: Encourage families to bring their favourite books to share with the group. Enjoy story-time as a group. Afterwards you could make your own storybook using paper and your imagination.

Find a Playgroup Near You

There are many playgroups in Victoria looking for new members. Browse through our Find a Playgroup directory to access information about your local playgroups.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” – Fred Rogers

Find the Right Playgroup for You and Your Family

All playgroups are unique. We have bush playgroups, intergenerational playgroups, grandparent playgroups, baby playgroups, cultural specific playgroups, playgroups for children with different needs, playgroups for children with disabilities. Some playgroups run with a set routine and planned activities. Others are more laid back and full of free play. Some people simply like to pop in for a cuppa and a chat. Some run playgroup sessions four times a week. Some come every once in a while. You can pick and choose what suits you best. Playgroup creates opportunities for you to play with your child, relax, connect with others, share information and unwind. Explore our Playgroup Starters Guide here

FREE Family Membership

It is our hope that all families have access to playgroup, and all families have opportunities to participate in playgroup. With that in mind, Family Membership is now FREE!

Let’s Play!

Celebrate National Playgroup week with lots of inspiring play! Here is a range of play sheets to explore.