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Listen to interesting interviews with early years professionals, discover more playgroup stories, learn more about play, and our wellbeing. This podcast is about family, friendship, community and all the goodness and complexity that comes with that. There’s lots of joy to be found in the early years and here we seek that, forge greater connections and share stories firsthand.  


The Importance of the Village- In Conversation with Professor Emeritus Dorothy Scott OAM

From an early age, Dorothy had a passion to help families. She wanted to make the lives of vulnerable children safe and enriching. She wanted children to play. Enjoy listening to Dorothy’s interesting life story below.

“What does it take to build a village and in our contemporary society what might it take to rebuild the village- where the village, where the sense of community, the social cohesion, the sense of belonging that can connect us to one another has actually been diminished- by long commutes, by very busy families where everyone is working and by the increasing social isolation that we often experience in today’s world despite our connectedness in an electronic sense.”- Dorothy Scott