Why play?

“The way that play lights up every area of the brain means that play is literally brain fertiliser and provides children with the optimal conditions to thrive.”– Bridget Dooley, Play Therapist

Learning through play

Play is so good for us. It feeds the brain. It builds skills and knowledge. During play, children engage with and learn about the world around them.

Some play is structured, which is generally parent-led and provides a specific learning opportunity. Whilst it can involve a tangible game, such as a puzzle, it can also be a game that you integrate into your everyday routine – such as a game of freeze or ‘stop and go’. Other times play is unstructured, open-ended, with endless possibilities. For example making a work of art, building cubbies out of household items, exploring natures biggest playgroup – the great outdoors or pretend play.

The skills you acquire while playing are endless –  fine motor, problem solving, creativity, language, social, emotional, dexterity and resilience are all hard at work during play. As are all of the senses. Incorporating a variety of play experiences enriches skills and knowledge, the more you play, the more you learn.


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THE PURPOSE OF PLAY with Professor Karen Stagnitti

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A discussion with Play Therapist Bridget Dooley.

Bridget Dooley has a Masters in Play Therapy and is quick to debunk any notions that play is frivolous. It is child’s play- in the way that it enables children to survive and learn, use their body and activate their brain. “It transcends all cultures and is incredibly complex,” said Dooley…

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