Playgroup is part of a journey – from birth, to toddler, to kinder, school and beyond. Immersing children in the school environment from a young age through playgroup is greatly beneficial.   

Including playgroup in schools

Playgroups lay the learning foundations for children and for parents/carers, providing the opportune engagement with their children’s learning. Many schools operate playgroups within their school space, forging and strengthening connections for families to their local school community, developing trust and confidence between the school, staff and parents and support children’s readiness for school. 

Useful Resources


PeepLTP supports parents to understand more about how children learn and to do more of the things at home that make a difference to children’s outcomes eg, singing, sharing books and talking. The PeepLTP materials can be used by educators to support parents to enhance their child’s early learning, development and well-being. There has been a significant increase in the number of primary schools looking to establish a playgroup within their school community as a key strategy to engage earlier with families to support early learning and transition to school, however, there is an identified gap in the evidence base, resources and training available to ensure quality playgroup programs can be established within a school environment.

This pilot will:

  • Assess the suitability PeepLTP as a curriculum for playgroups-in-schools   
  • Make recommendations for the delivery of universal facilitated playgroups in schools (using PeepLTP)
  • In partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence, develop a model of service delivery that targets recipients of School Readiness Funding.

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