Grants and Fundraising

There are financial opportunities available to help your playgroup flourish

Local Community Grants

Local councils and philanthropic foundations throughout Victoria offer community grants each year. Many playgroups have successfully applied for and received these grants. If your playgroup is not incorporated, Playgroup Victoria can provide you with an Auspice letter to support you in the grant application. This service is offered to playgroups that are currently registered with Playgroup Victoria. Playgroups receiving money from grants are responsible for using it according to the conditions of the grant and are accountable for all monies spent.


There are ways for your playgroup to apply for a grant.

Most of the time, councils and other funding bodies will need the money to go to an incorporated organisation or one that is a registered charity. If your playgroup is registered with Playgroup Victoria, we can act as the Auspicing organisation when you apply. Contact us HERE if you need help with Auspicing.

Looking for fundraising ideas?

As most playgroups are independent and run by volunteers – money matters are important. Playgroups require money for upkeep, bills, rent, insurance, activities and outings. Find some fundraising ideas below!

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Looking for more information and guidance on grants and fundraising?