We believe every child deserves the right to play!

Play and Learn Supported (PALS) Playgroups are all ability groups, delivering play-based activities that support cultural identity, and include creative arts, sports, and recreation. PALS Playgroups are co-designed for families of children aged 0–5, with and without disabilities. PALS are supported by existing community service partnerships to deliver playgroup activities that bring children and families of all abilities together to connect, build awareness and foster inclusive communities. We provide a safe, welcoming, adaptable environment where families of all abilities feel comfortable connecting and coming together.

Sorry, there are currently no sessions running. Stay tuned for further updates.

Benefits of Play and Learn Supported Playgroups

For Children & Parents

  • Increased confidence to participate in community & social activities.
  • Increased awareness, understanding of difference
  • Reduced isolation – Increased social connections and support
  • Children learn empathy and embrace difference through play

For CASR Organisations

  • Improved inclusive knowledge and practices
  • Increased participation in CASR Activities



For the Community

  • A greater understanding of the benefits of Inclusion
  • Increased community participation




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