ALL come out to Play!  is currently funded by the Office for Prevention of Family Violence and Reform, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

ALL Come Out To Play! was originally conceived by Helen Rimington from Drummond Street Services in 2017. The program songs were written and recorded by Hullaballoo Music for All (Amanda Testro and Mick Girasole). The ALL Come Out To Play! program was developed by Helen Rimington (Drummond Street Services) Amanda Testro (Hullaballoo Music for All) and Nancylee Merzel (Playgroup Victoria).

Professional Development Sessions


ALL come out to Play! Embedding Gender Equality in the Early Years is a FREE and informal evidence-based professional development session. Our professional development sessions run for 75 minutes and cover the importance of promoting respectful relationships and gender equality in the early years. Online and In-person options are available. Find more information below!

Online Training Sessions


During the online professional development session, our team will provide immersive training that covers how to role model and embed gender equality within your parenting and practice. The sessions will explore the reasons why this is so important during this time. A range of practical tips will be shared and the team will provide you with comprehensive resources. The online sessions are free to book, with numerous dates and session times available during 2024. Scroll down to view available dates or click on the button below to book an upcoming session!

In-Person Group Training Sessions


We are taking our professional development sessions on the road! Book a FREE in-person training session for your organisation. Our session covers the importance of role modelling and gender equality within your parenting and professional practice. Participants will receive light refreshments and a comprehensive take-home pack. Everyone is welcome to reach out and book a session! For further information please contact:

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ALL come out to Play! digital book now available

The story of ALL come out to Play! is now available as an interactive digital book. You can now take ALL come out to play! anywhere and share it with your friends. 

About the ALL come out to Play! project


ALL come out to Play! is a session that helps children learn about respectful relationships and equality. It is delivered with humour, dancing and fun for all! There are songs and games and lots of exciting toys to play with. It is good for people who are still learning English as well. The session encourages girls to be strong and confident and boys to seek help when they need it – it has a message of equality and respect for everyone.

What to expect Participation! Participation! Participation! The fun-filled session runs for approximately 40 minutes and is loads of fun for children and adults. The sessions are very interactive and inclusive. We encourage dialogue between the children/presenter/parents/carers as different topics and themes arise and are explored. We encourage you to sit with your child and immerse yourself in the session too. The more involved you are, the more your child will engage and enjoy!

Access our free activity booklet and ideas sheet!


We understand why gender equality is so important to raising our children. The ALL Come Out To Play! team have heaps of practical ideas that can be used by parents and early years services. 

Let the fun begin!

Find heaps of activities and ideas to embed respectful relationships and gender equality into everyday play. Click the button below to read and download our super fun ALL Come Out To Play! activity booklet.

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Use this ideas sheet to extend the practice of embedding gender equality with a cultural lens. We provide tips, play experiences and references for you to use. So many ideas and heaps of fun! Click the button below to read and download the ideas sheet.


Lesson Plans

Download lesson plans for your group that provide activities and extend the conversation around respectful relationships and gender equality. Each of the lesson plans have been linked to the Victorian Curriculum and are suitable for Foundation to Grade 2. These lesson plans can also be used for play based activity within your playgroup.

Tip Sheets

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Challenging gender stereotypes among kids.

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