Baby Playgroups

After your Maternal Child Health Nurse visits, Baby Playgroup is a great next step

The importance of baby play

From the moment a baby begins to grow, it is innately tuning into the mother and the world, in subtle and profound ways. A baby lives in the world of the senses- they look for comfort, feel for warmth, seek familiarity and make noise to communicate. Babies are active learners and reap great benefits from social interactions and play. We have playgroups especially for babies. The environment is suited to babies with soft, safe play spaces. Playgroup is as much for the parent/carer as it is for the child. At baby playgroup parents/carers can meet others going through the same stages, at the same time. Parents/carers can share information and gain insights into services, events and local community support systems. This is a wonderful place for parents/carers to bond and socialise with their baby and others and reduce isolation.


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