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The Importance of Baby Playgroup

Baby Playgroup is as much for the parent as it is for the child. Parents can share information and gain insights into services, events and local community support systems. This is a wonderful place for parents to bond, socialise with their baby and reduce isolation. For babies, it is an opportunity to start socialising and provides opportunities to explore, learn and further their own stages of development in a warm, safe and friendly environment.

Through Play, We Learn

For babies, play is not just fun – it is important to their overall learning and development. Through participating in play-based experiences, babies enhance and develop their senses, language, cognitive (brain) thinking, fine motor and gross (large) motor skills. Learning to play with your baby can be daunting at the beginning. Baby Playgroup is a wonderful way to introduce play, and allows for parents to share ideas, and provide socialisation opportunities at the same time.

Join Our Baby Playgroup Nurturing Journey!

At Playgroup Victoria, we value the importance of play-based experiences, supporting and nurturing early development and wellbeing. We are here to assist your first-time parent group to transition to a baby playgroup.

By joining the nurturing journey, you will receive regular enjoyable and encouraging play and social ideas to support and enhance your baby playgroup through its first year. These resources will also provide you with helpful information about the developmental stages of child development and about the Maternal and Child Health Key Ages and Stages Visits.

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Your Baby Playgroup Nurturing Journey

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Upon registration

 Welcome email, Playgroup Information sheet and a Baby Play Ideas Sheet

Email #1 – 7 days after registering

 Bonding and Attachment Booklet

Email #2 – 30 days after registering

 Baby Playgroup Play Booklet #1 – for age groups 4-6 months

Email #3 – 90 days after registering

Baby Playgroup Play Booklet #2 – for age groups 6 – 9 months

Email #4 – 180 days after registering

Baby Playgroup Play Booklet #3 – for age groups 9-12 months

Email #5 – 270 days after registering

Baby Playgroup Play Booklet #4 – for age groups 12-18 months

Email #6 – 365 days after registering

Happy Birthday! Your Baby Playgroup Playgroup is one year old

The Power of Shared Experiences

“I think that has been the most valuable part of it- that we have sort of done the whole journey together, using each other as sounding boards”  – Rachel, Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup

“It has been awesome to have this space to transition over to from our mother’s group” – Jess, Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup

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