Staying safe at playgroup

Electronic Recording Keeping for Victorian Playgroups 

As part of the new Covid normal we need to keep a record of who attends Playgroup. If an electronic record is kept more people can meet in a community venue than if the record is on paper.

How does our playgroup apply for a QR code?

Apply directly via the Vic Government website. Click here to apply

If you need Playgroup Victoria’s assistance obtaining your playgroups QR code, please fill in the form below.

Frequently asked questions

Using the QR Code for families to check in to the playgroup 

Print out a copy of the QR Code for people to scan as they arrive for each Playgroup and Session.People can also scan the QR Code from your phone, Ipad or computer. 

Families who scan the QR Code will be required to check in. They will know it is for your Playgroup as the name of your Playgroup will be listed. They will be asked for their first name and a phone number. Each person including children will need to check in. When you check-in, under first name include your name your children’s first names 

Who receives the Check-In information? 

The information, names and phone numbers of people who check in to your Playgroup, will only be accessed by Victorian Government Contract Tracers. This will only happen in the event there is a person who has contracted Covid or a contact of a person who has contracted Covid who attended the Playgroup. 

If we use the QR Code for families to check in, how many people can we have in our venue? 

The number of people you can have inside depends on the size of the space. If you use the QR code you can have a person per 2 square metres. If you don’t use the QR code you need to allow 4 square metres per person. A person is anyone 12 months and over.  

How many people can come to playgroup? 

There are no group limits in community venues based on the density criteria outlined above. 

Outside gatherings are limited to 100. Playgroups in homes are subject to the gathering limits which are currently 15 Visitors. That means 15 people including children over 12 months in addition to anyone who lives in the house. 

Visit Community services | Coronavirus Victoria under can my child go to Playgroup for more information. 

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