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Are you looking for inspiring activities for your playgroup? Do you need guidance on setting up your group? We are here to help! Take part in our interactive online workshop sessions as we delve into all things playgroup to make your experience the best one possible! There are so many opportunities for families to have fun, develop, form meaningful relationships, build community and a sense of belonging at playgroup.
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Let’s Talk About Play at Playgroup

Date: Thursday 27th July | Time: 10am -11am

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”– Diane Ackerman

Be inspired to PLAY! Play truly is a fundamental part of life and growth. There are many different types of play that provide opportunities for learning and early childhood development. Play creates enriching experiences and enables us to connect, build relationships and share. Play readily supports our wellbeing. No matter our age, play is a joyful and valuable part of life- in this workshop we will celebrate that and provide you with ideas that you can easily implement, to engage both children and adults at playgroup. Facilitated By Maureen Hatcher.

Nature Play at Playgroup

Date: Wednesday 16th August | Time: 11am -12pm

Kids thrive in the great outdoors! We all do as we are intrinsically linked to the outside world. Nature provides the ultimate sensory experience- we listen, smell, see, tastefeel, observe and immerse ourselves in the elements- this informs a child’s knowledge about the world. Nature play and exploration allows children to learn and be creative. Outdoor play encourages children to take risks and source ideas. Nature is a great tool to reduce stress. It too can make a wonderful art medium and allows us to share experiences and express oneself. In this workshop, we will explore the many natural resources that can be found right outside your door. Come along to be inspired by nature. It’s versatile, unique and free! Facilitated by Naomi Jeffree.

Sharing The Roles at Playgroup

Date: Thursday 24th August | Time: 10am – 11am

Sharing roles among the group promotes a successful, connected and enjoyable experience for the community where everyone feels like they belong. Sharing roles allows families to create, share and feel purposeful- be part of the team. Come along and join the conversation as we explore ways to encourage everyone to feel involved and included at playgroup.  Facilitated by Jo O’Reilly.

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Meet Our Presenters 

Leanne Dhami

Leanne has a background in Early childhood education. Being in the role of a supported playgroup facilitator and a community playgroup support officer for several years before starting with Playgroup Victoria in 2013. Leanne is now the manager of Playgroup Development and Support and is passionate about supporting community playgroups to ensure access for all Victorian families.

Louise Buckle-Smith

Louise is a passionate advocate for children’s and community services and has devoted her career to this industry for over 30 years.  She has worked in the sector in a wide capacity, including Children’s Services, Family Day Care, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Family and Children Services, TAFE (teaching in Early Childhood) and Playgroup Victoria, Coordinating Connecting Schools and Playgroup Program. Louise is currently working as a Playgroup Development Advisor for Playgroup Victoria. Louise has been a facilitator for Playgroup at Home Live sessions throughout Covid and has embraced this time, seeing families connecting as a community to support each other during challenging times. 

Maureen Hatcher

Maureen has been working in Children’s Services and Education, in a number of diverse roles, for over 35 years. Her employment at Playgroup Victoria started as coordinating the Connecting Schools and Community project in 2016. She is now a Development Advisor and is based in regional Victoria. Maureen is passionately involved in the Intergenerational Playgroup portfolio. Maureen enjoys the challenge, joy and benefits of connecting people.

Naomi Jeffree

Naomi began a career in the playgroup world just over 20 years ago, beginning as a parent leader, and then using her qualification in children’s services as a supported playgroup facilitator. Naomi has passionately supported her community in facilitating a variety of programs such as the My Time peer support programmother goose, small talk, infant, and the PEEP program. Naomi has recently celebrated her ten years working for Playgroup Victoria and enjoys her full-time role as a Development Advisor. Naomi values the connections she has with families and continues to enjoy working with playgroups to support their place in the community

Jo O’Reilly

Jo has a background in public health and has spent many years caring for vulnerable families. Jo is extremely passionate about the benefits of early childhood development and the importance of bringing families together in their community.  Jo is here to help – whether you are starting a new playgroup, running an existing playgroup or just looking for a playgroup to join!

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