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Follow our Playgroup Starters Guide and enjoy connecting with your local community


Reach out and connect with local families and friends who may be interested in attending playgroup. Extend your reach and connect on social media, on your local community page, in your local newspaper, kinder newsletter or by putting a notice on your community board. You can also post on our online community Facebook group, Playgroup at Home.

Contacting your local council or school can also help to get the ball rolling.


You might want to run a community playgroup or a supported playgroup run by facilitators. You could run a playgroup at your local school, or you might want to run an intergenerational playgroup or a nature playgroup. You might want to have a casual playgroup and meet up at a park each week. Have a chat about what works best for the members of your group and then connect with relevant services if needed. 


Next step, organise a suitable spot to meet. Consult your fellow members and local community. Councils, schools and community services are in the know and can point you in the right direction. You could meet in a local hall, at a coffee shop or in a park. From there, decide on a time that works best for you and your playgroup families. Mid-morning is a good time for many. You can take your time in getting there, share morning tea and the kids can have a snack and re-fuel as they play. Sessions usually run for an hour or two.


Playgroup Registration comes with a range of benefits to support your playgroup including: insurance, the opportunity to advertise your group on one of our most visited webpages, posters, templates, a bush play set-up guide, play resources and much more!

Playgroup Registration costs $50 for 12 months.

Registration benefits includes:

• Public Liability and Property Insurance for Community Playgroups. Public Liability insurance is your playgroup’s protection if your playgroup is found be legally responsible for personal injury to a third party or damage to their property.
• The option to advertise your playgroup on our webpage, Find a Playgroup
• Access to The Playgroup Toolkit 
• Downloadable activity booklets with topics that include Nature Play, Music Play, Health and Wellbeing, Creative Play and more
• Access to our play ideas library, with over 100 downloadable activity sheets
• Monthly e-Newsletters filled with the latest playgroup news, event opportunities, articles, interviews and resources
• Access to the Wild Things Bush Play Setup Guide, a downloadable guide to all things bush play
• Special offers from our partners
• Opportunities at exclusive playgroup events


We encourage families to register as Playgroup Victoria members. This ensures they are kept up-to-date with further playgroup opportunities, direct to their inbox.


Creating a weekly routine helps playgroup to run smoothly and allows families to contribute and feel involved in your weekly sessions. An activity, snack time, free play, story time and a song works well.

Find out more about planning for play here

Each month Playgroup Victoria has a monthly theme and booklet which can help guide your sessions.

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Playgroup is all about sharing, bonding, finding support, having enjoyable experiences, learning through play, having fun and making memories. Enjoy!

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