Move It 4 Kids is a high energy program funded by AUS Sport. The program offers comedy, music and movement to encourage good habits for the whole family. This project is a partnership with drummond street services, Hullaballoo Music for All and Playgroup Victoria.

Live online interactive FREE sessions for families!

The Move It 4 Kids team are thrilled to be now delivering their action-packed, fun, inclusive music sessions LIVE and ONLINE! These free of charge music sessions are beamed direct from Hullaballoo Music’s audiovisual studio straight into the comfort of your own home. The sessions are LIVE, run via Zoom and totally INTERACTIVE!  Clear some space and get ready to sing, dance and LAUGH! Oh, and don’t forget to ask the Grandparents to join in – they will get such a kick out of seeing their grandkids sing and dance and having fun.

Our Move It 4 Kids online sessions have now finished. Fill in the form below to stay up to date with any upcoming sessions. 

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We have lots of other online session happening. Learn more here.

A high energy program funded by AUS Sport

It is well-documented that physical activity improves social and emotional health by supporting healthy brain development in infants under 1 year. The MOVE IT 4 KIDS program supports young children to feel enthusiastic about exercise when the Ipad seems so exciting? FUN – that’s what this is all about. Comedy meets music, meets movement while are encouraging good habits, in the most accessible way possible. Children of all ages are inspired, while developing fine and gross motor skills, language skills and social skills. Expect to be inspired, all while developing fine and gross motor skills, language skills and social skills.In the session children will “Find their 60” and adults “Find their 30” promoting  a happy and healthy lifestyle no matter how young, old, shape or ability.

Check out our activity book!

The MoveIt4Kids Physical Literacy activity booklet is full of ideas and information to inspire your family to get active.

Physical literacy is a word you might hear a lot – what it basically means is the more you move the healthier and happier you will be. Your body will love you for it! Being happy and healthy is all we all really want for our families. Doing activities together benefits everyone and will build positive lifelong habits. All we need to do is… Get moving!

Download your copy and get inspired today!

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