Family Membership - Includes insurance

Family Membership 

As a family member of Playgroup Victoria, you can choose from over 1000 playgroups across Victoria, connect with other parents/carers and assist your child to learn through play.

All members of your family are included in family membership!

Membership is now delivered on an anniversary basis. 

Please obtain the Playgroup ID number from your new playgroup before joining online so you can link to your playgroup session.

Don't forget to select your playgroup session day and time.

Become a Member Now! 

If you're having trouble joining online, you can complete and return this form: 2018 Family Membership Application

If you want to register your playgroup, click here.



Member benefits 

Playgroup Victoria members also receive fantastic benefits and discounts including:

  •   A specially designed comprehensive playgroup insurance cover for all your family members when attending Playgroup Victoria affiliated playgroups and events
  •   Subscription to our monthly eNewsletter which includes competitions for members only to win free products and event tickets
  •   Access to Monthly activity booklets.
  •   Substantial discounts for your playgroup, fundraising opportunities, and exclusive membership offers and discounts
  •  Auspicing to playgroups applying for grants.

Our exclusive discounts for you to choose from! 


  Receive a free toy from Lego Duplo when you attend "little playtimes" at Legoland discovery centre
   $20 exclusive offer, includes 1 x Adult and 2 x Children. Please check our emails for information on upcoming playdays.
  Receive 20% off the "Caring for Kids" course, which is designed for caregivers,
10% off party bookings held at a Build-a-Bear workshop
$70 discount for bookings on in-house shows or private birthdays
20% off

10% off
Two introductory swim lessons ($40 value)
   15% discount
10% off & free shipping
  15% off for playgroup members. 
   10% off term bookings (new members only)

"Happily Made" creates jobs for marginalised mothers and grandmothers in Cambodia by teaching them how to knit and crochet. Their gorgeous range of Sleepy Snoogus also generates the money for a scholarship fund so that the children can go to school. The money pays for school books, uniforms and English tuition. 

When members pre-order your Sleepy Snoogus they get FREE SHIPPING. For orders of 2 or more Sleepy Snoogus they also receive a FREE magnetic monkey!


Playgroup Victoria does not endorse the products, activities, services or claims made by the business providing discounts and or vouches included in the Playgroup Victoria Member benefits package.


It is important to make sure your playgroup has adequate insurance protection and to consider your playgroup's responsibility to its members, volunteers and the public.
Family Membership comes with comprehensive playgroup insurance through the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) if families attending the playgroup are current members.

Our insurance policy has been negotiated with different providers to ensure playgroups, adults and children are covered.

Cover includes:

• Comprehensive Personal Insurance – Personal accident and injury

• Property Insurance – Burglary, fire and specified perils (including flood)

• VMIA Public and products liability – volunteers

• VMIA Personal accident and injury – volunteers

Families attending your playgroup who do not hold a current ‘Family Membership’ will not be covered under the following policy: Comprehensive Personal Insurance – Personal accident and injury.

From 2018, paid playgroup facilitators (who are paid by a community playgroup i.e. the parents) have public liability insurance included with their Playgroup Victoria family membership

There is a special requirement for paid facilitators to ensure they have cover. In addition to having a current family membership with Playgroup Victoria they must also have a current working with children check – and provide a scanned copy of this to Playgroup Victoria.

A Working With Children Check can be applied for here

Contact our Playgroup Member Support Team

Our friendly team are here to link you with all things playgroup.  

Telephone: toll free 1800 171 882 (within Victoria) or (03) 9388 1599 (outside Victoria) or email

Contact our Playgroup Member Support Team

Our friendly team are here to link you with all things playgroup.  

Telephone: toll free 1800 171 882 (within Victoria) or (03) 9388 1599 (outside Victoria) or email