Playgroup Toolkit

Lots of things happen in your playgroup, sometimes without you even realising; adults and families coming together, taking responsibility and working together to ensure that the playgroup is welcome to all and is a safe and supportive environment.

Playgroups nurture the well-being of both adults and children, and are a wonderful place for each person’s unique contribution to be respected, acknowledged and appreciated.

Playgroup also encourages children to learn and develop through play, offering play experiences that are:

  • child-centred,
  • fun for all including babies,
  • physical activity that also supports gross and fine motor skill development
  • a balanced range of experiences from which children can choose freely
  • appropriate to children’s stages of development
  • supportive of shared play
  • focused on building skills and self-esteem
  • non-competitive
  • self-expressive through art, crafts and construction
  • supportive of each child’s language development

This Tool Kit has been designed and developed to support your playgroup to get the most out of the experience for children, adults and your community.  

We have designed the Tool Kit with five modules:  

  • Keeping children safe at playgroup (providing a safe and supportive environment)
  • Working together and getting along
  • Play at playgroup
  • Building friendships and social supports
  • Playgroup business