“We should acknowledge differences, we should greet differences, until differences make no difference.”
– Dr Adela A Allen 

Playgroup Makes a Difference

The Playgroup 2020 conference is coming and you don’t want to miss out!

Date: Thursday March 19th 2020

Location: Hawthorn Arts Centre, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn

The Playgroup Victoria Conference will be continuing the overall theme of Playgroup Makes a Difference with a focus on ‘Inclusion’. The conference will provide opportunities to engage with timely knowledge and research. 


We are pleased to announce our Call For Abstracts for the 2020 Playgroup Conference. 

Deadline for submission


Friday January 24 2020


Interactive workshops or presentations

45-minute time slots have been allocated

Notification of abstract acceptance

On or before Friday January 31 2020

Theme Overview

The Rich Tapestry of Inclusion

Playgroup naturally brings together children, carers, and families, creating and supporting meaningful connections and relationships within and beyond playgroup.  How do these ‘building blocks’ of our community encourage, support and promote experiences of inclusion?  Is it possible that playgroup provides a place for inclusion that results in an enduring influence for our communities and society? 

The Playgroup Victoria Annual Conference 2020 is the opportunity for you to contribute to conversations and be a visionary of playgroup practice, who seeks to ensure that acceptance and equity are standard, and not an exception in playgroup – children and families first early years’ experience. Families’ timely and opportune involvement in playgroup can have lasting and far reaching impact on children’s learning, development and wellbeing, positive family functioning and quality of life. The scope of impact extends into the broader community, through increased social capital. Playgroups “… ideally create a community that values diversity and includes people as they are” (Hyde, Robert and Conway, 2010).  Inclusive practices support the gathering of individual that enable “shared understandings of various contexts or life situations that are interpreted from relationships and collaboration” (Keefe and Carrington, 2007, p. 28).

Learning objectives for participants

Playgroup Victoria Conference participants generally have a fair amount of knowledge and skill around playgroups and play experiences.  At this conference we want our participants to be brought up-to-date with the latest knowledge and research in the field, as well as be inspired and challenged to enhance their practice with strategies they will learn in your session, that will assist them in ensuring acceptance and equity for all playgroup participants.

All workshops, presentations and demonstrations are to adhere to the Conference Theme.

For further information please read the Call for Abstract overview HERE

Areas of special interest

  • Children’s Rights  
  • Cultural Issues  
  • Parents rights 
  • Participatory practice 
  • Primary messaging 
  • Disability issues 
  • Curriculum Innovations  
  • Families  
  • Inclusion  
  • Innovative Practices  
  • Policy Development  
  • Service Delivery Models  

Interested in attending this years conference?

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