The Playgroup Framework

Our Practice and Research Department works collaboratively to promote effective translation of research outcomes for the range of playgroups: community, facilitated, roster, supported, transitional and program-based playgroups; and, the embedding and implementation of this knowledge and practice into playgroups.

The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth [ARACY] identified that parents are the strongest influence in determining their child’s life chances. Parents are the child’s first and most enduring teachers. It is through a parent’s relationship with their child that they learn and grow. Playgroup remains the only forum where families meet with other families in their local community to support each other, strengthen connections and children learn through play.

Laying strong foundations in the early years increases the probability of positive outcomes for children, families and communities. Visualise planning and building a home:  getting things right the first time matters. It’s the same with a child’s development. This construction project starts early, before birth and develops optimally within secure, warm relationships created by family.

The Practice and Research Department has developed The Playgroup Framework, a guiding and a foundation document, that comprises three parts:

Part 1:  The Playgroup Model

a)            Evidence-base

b)            Playgroup Principles

Part 2:   The Playgroup Platform

Part 3:   The Playgroup Learning Framework

a)            Resources and tools

b)            Professional Development

c)            Practice Support

This document identifies the underlying research and evidence that underpins outcomes for children, parents, families and communities and explicitly connects this to the value and benefits of playgroup.  This document identifies and connects the relevancy of evidence to inform and guide knowledge and practice within playgroups ,and, acknowledges and promotes the protective factors recognised as the main contributors to achieving optimal and favourable outcomes for children.

Access The Playgroup Framework here: