Playgroup research

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Transitioning supported playgroups to parent managed community playgroups project

Playgroup Victoria was fortunate to receive a grant from the Ian Potter Foundation to implement a 2 year project (from 2015-17) to mentor families to transition from a facilitated playgroup to a self-managed community playgroup. You can view the report here

Promoting the provision of parental provided play-activities in transition playgroups.

Playgroup Victoria has partnered with the Australian Catholic University to implement this exciting research  project. Read more about this research project here 

Latest research shows children who attend playgroup are better equipped to start school

Research findings, released by the Telethon Kids Institute, show that children who regularly attended playgroup were better prepared to start school, being on average 1.78 times less likely to be consider vulnerable than children who did not go to playgroup. Read the report here

Relationships Matter: The Social and Economic Benefit of Community Playgroups

Community Playgroups have significant social and economic benefits, not just for children but also for their parents, particularly mothers, according to new research. Relationships Matter: The Social and Economic Benefit of Community Playgroups, funded by Playgroup Australia and undertaken by RMIT University's Centre for Urban Research (CUR), identifies the benefits playgroups afford parents across the social spectrum. Read the report here

Community Playgroups: Connecting Rural Families locally pilot project

This report evaluates the role of Playgroup Development Consultants (PDCs) in a new initiative called the Community Playgroups: Connecting Rural Families Locally Pilot project. Read the report here


AEDC results 

More children that attend playgroup are developmentally on track when they begin school. View the parent summary  here

A best Practice for framework for playgroups-in-school
Partnering with Australian Catholic University, we have been awarded national competitive funding from The Australian Research Council for a multi-year project to generate a best practice framework for playgroups-in-schools.   It aims to identify the processes, practices and/or policies informing productive relationships between families and school-staff.  Read more about this research project here 


Research Requests
From time to time, Playgroup Victoria will pass on a call for research participants from researchers and/or research organisations that may be of interest to its members through Facebook. Playgroup Victoria in no way endorses these research projects and participants choose to participate at their own risk. Researchers are advised that Playgroup Victoria is not to be publicly acknowledged in any publications as having any level of involvement in the research. 


Playgroup Victoria may provide expert advice to researchers or research bodies if requested, to inform sector research.  Playgroup Victoria’s level of involvement in these projects is limited to the advice provided and does not extend to endorsement of the research outcomes. Playgroup Victoria may be listed in publications as having provided expert advice. 

Playgroup Victoria is interested in partnerships in research projects that specifically examine the outcomes of playgroups and benefit the association. In these instances, Playgroup Victoria will ensure approval from a relevant ethics committee.  Playgroup Victoria will be listed as a partner investigator and acknowledged in all subsequent publications. 

For all research enquiries, contact Dr Joanne Tarasuik: