Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

The Australian regional office of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program is now based at Playgroup Victoria.

This program provides a group experience for parents and young children based on the oral traditions of rhymes, songs and storytelling. Material presented by the facilitators becomes a resource for parents to use during daily routines and activities, enhances the relationship between parents and young children and can be shared with other members of the family.

The program enhances language development and builds children's ability to think beyond the here and now. It runs for two hours. Participants gather and chat while children play in the first half hour. The next hour is run by two facilitators. The last half hour is for parents to have a cup of tea/coffee while children have another play.

It's lots of fun and free!

Contact for more information

Call: toll free on 1800 171 882 extension 145