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  First Time Parent Group invitation (PDF) First Time Parent Group brochure First Time Parent Group invitation (Editable PDF)


Baby Play brochure                          Welcome to Baby Playgroup card Your Baby Playgroup brochure

 * We can provide you with adequate numbers of these posters for each of the MCH venues/offices in your municipality.  Please let us know if you want more.(*only available at this stage for those municipalities participating in the MCH Transition Project trial)
 If you wish to change the images to reflect your municipality’s demographics, we are happy to assist you.  Please note that we do want the images you choose to reflect babies and parents together, like a baby playgroup, and as show in our posters above. To   ensure that the posters have maximum quality, please follow the following steps: 

a. Choose a image that you would like to replace our images.  In keeping with our poster concept, please note the image will be converted to a black and white format as per our posters above.  

b. Send this image to May, email: . May will arrange for your image to be used in the poster, and then will email this new version of the poster back to you.  Please note that printing of the your LGA poster will need to be done by your site.  Officeworks and Vista print adequate quality posters.


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A5 Insert (for the Green Book)



PowerPoint presentation for MCH Nurse use

Video presentation for MCH Nurse use

Doctor Jo's Research    



The Playgroup Framework

BabyPlay Brochure

Playgroup Guide