Choosing a playgroup

Playgroup is all about bringing parents, carers and young children together to connect with other families from the diverse communities they live in, to play, to learn and build connections.

Call your local playgroup contact person to get a sense if it’s the right group for you. You might like to ask:

  1. How many families usually attend each week and what age range are the children ?
  2. Do I need to bring food to share ?
  3. Is it OK if I’m late sometimes ?
  4. What if I can’t attend every week ?
  5. Do we need to bring any toys or books with us?
  6. What is the cost ? (and how and when do I pay)
  7. Does someone run activities ?
  8. I have heard I will need to help out at playgroup. What does that involve ?

Joining a new group can be challenging so allow yourself time to get used to things - but don’t feel you have to stay with a playgroup if it’s not a good fit. There may be another group that better meets your family’s needs.

Tip: If you are feeling unsure, take a friend or family member along with you the first time.