About playgroup

Baby play and baby playgroup
I love my local playgroup flyer (mum and child) - with space to fill in your playgroup's details
I love my local playgroup flyer (toddler walking) - with space to fill in your playgroup's details

What is it?

Playgroup is for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and their parents or carers. In Victoria around 40,000 children from 30,000 families grow and learn at playgroups held at community venues such as maternal and child health centres, kindergartens, halls, community centres, primary schools, sporting clubs and aged care facilities.  

Playgroups are low cost and run by the parents or carers in them. Each parent or carer is responsible for the children they bring to playgroup.

At playgroup you get to meet other people going through similar experiences, ease the isolation that can come with caring for young children and find out about local community, health and support services. Most families go to community playgroups but in recent years more kinds of playgroup models have emerged which you can find out about here.

Why children go to playgroup

Playgroup-aged children are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development that playgroup can cater for. Babies are offered play experiences to stimulate their senses. Toddlers build on these play experiences to practise using their hands and their emerging language skills. Preschool children continue to learn as they play and practise social skills, an important preparation for kindergarten and school.

At playgroup children can:

  • make new friends
  • have new experiences
  • gain self confidence
  • develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually
  • develop their skills of cooperation 
  • develop verbal and non verbal communication skills through contact with other children and adults
  • extend their experience of literacy in a social environment. 

Why parents and carers tell us they go to playgroup

  • "I'm new to the area. Going to playgroup is a great way to get to know people."
  • "My playgroup has been going for years so there's plenty of play equipment, books and a great outdoor area."
  • "It's giving my child some stimulating experiences in a relaxed, informal setting."
  • "Before I went to playgroup I had no idea where to find a good children's doctor."
  • "I want to meet people who’ve got children the same age as mine."
  • "It's affordable."
  • "Playgroup is more like an extended family to army families who move around a bit."
  • "It's good to just hang out with other dads at our dads playgroup."
  • "I feel comfortable with the other women at playgroup. I can say anything to them and still feel I'm okay."
  • "I like getting out of the house each week away from the mess."
  • "It's nice to be with other grandmothers. At our grandparents playgroup we're on the same wavelength."  
  • "There's one woman at playgroup who's got four children. She's a good person to talk to sometimes."
  • "This is my third child. Playgroup is a special time each week where I can spend time just with her."