Baby play and baby playgroups

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A baby's first year is a time of excitement, challenge, rapid growth and development.

Brain research indicates that the first three years of a baby's development impact on its future health and wellbeing. For optimum development a baby needs loving relationships and a stimulating environment in which to interact, play and learn. 

Babies explore and experiment with everying around them by touch, taste and by listening. 

We offer Playgroup Victoria members lots of baby play ideas listed under 'B' in A to Z playsheets in our Member login. 

Home baby playgroups

Once new parent groups end, most families want to stay in touch  with each other and either keep meeting at the new parent group venue or meet up in each others homes. 

Some tips for making baby home playgroups work:
  • Meet for no more than 1-2 hours a week
  • Avoid the pressure of having an extra tidy house or impressive morning teas
  • Share morning teas and taking care of hot liquids around babies
  • Put babies on their own rug with their own toys
  • When babies are mobile gather a pool of appropriate baby toys from donations or toys borrowed from the local toy library
  • Keep shared toys clean - wash regularly in mild detergent
  • Be flexible - leave early if your baby is tired or out of sorts
  • Make sure everyone leaves on time to help out the host family

Baby playgroups at a venue

Home baby playgroups usually work for several months until babies become increasingly mobile. Then it can be time to find a suitable venue. 

Contact your new parent group venue first. If it's not possible for you to go there, search our  Find a playgroup page for playgroups in your area. Get in touch with them and see if they have space for another session.  

If members of your baby playgroup return to work, relocate or choose not to continue on for some reason, contact some playgroups listed on the Find a playgroup page or, consider starting your own playgroup

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