Playgroup for Dads

Parenting roles have changed with time and while Dads have always been a steadfast feature of a young child's life, now more than ever, Dads are becoming the primary caregiver, choosing to be a stay at home Dad.

Dr Richard Fletcher of the Australian Fatherhood Research Network said in Melbourne's Child magazine that “Fathers have always loved their children, but today’s Dads are after a connection. They realise this means parenting differently from their own Fathers, and starting the bonding early".

Playgroup is a way for Fathers to actively engage with their young children and build connections with their community.

New Fathers face all sorts of challenges, including depression in the postnatal period. Playgroup aims to include Fathers in their children’s development and can help address any issues that arise in their world.  

It can be quite intimidating or daunting for a sole Dad to join a whole new group. In this regard, playgroup aims to make all of their groups unique. Everyone is welcome and whether you are a mother, a grandparent, a carer, or a Dad, you are an imperative part of your child's life. Playgroup sessions are created by you and for you.

Being the main carer can be isolating at times and playgroups welcome Dads and allow them to meet other Dads, bonding in their commonality.

Children cherish the time spent with their dear Dads. Strong bonds are built that will last a lifetime.