Benefits of Baby Playgroup

Babies are never too young to start reaping the rewards of play. The movement, interaction, activities and play ideas that Baby Playgroup provides are important for developing minds and bodies.

At Playgroup, babies will…

  • Have fun playing
  • Enjoy being with other babies
  • Explore a new world with new experiences
  • Develop a weekly routine
  • Play with different toys
  • Relate to other adults
  • Learn and develop new skills

At Playgroup, parents and carers will…

  • Get out of the house
  • Chat with other parents, grandparents, carers
  • Make new friends
  • Share experiences
  • Help in the running of the Playgroup

A Baby Playgroup allows exploration of different environment, different toys, with new textures and shapes to discover. At playgroup, babies learn to interact and become familiar with social situations. Baby play activities can include group storytelling, singing with actions, music and movement.

Baby Playgroup is also important for parents. It is a haven where everyone is going through the same joys, frustrations and sleepless nights as you. Making Baby Playgroup part of your weekly routine gives both parents and babies a relaxed, safe place to meet, where they find friendship and support. Knowing you won’t be the only one turning up with pumpkin puree on your last clean pair of jeans, or finding another mum you can ask for help because her baby was teething last month, is what makes these groups so successful!

The support and knowledge that you’re not going through these experiences alone can be a huge relief to parents. Recently, members were asked for feedback on Baby Playgroups and 98.4% said they would recommend attending. The groups provided a fun time for parents and their baby, friendship, and the opportunity to get out of the house and meet others who were going through similar situations.  

Baby Playgroups are an ideal way to continue a mother’s group started at the hospital or health clinic. Some parents found those groups were not right for them, yet the support at a Baby Playgroup was perfect for their needs.

Not only is a Baby Playgroup a place to come for support and to chat with others, it is great for learning ideas on what activities and play are appropriate for your baby. The different stimulus at Baby Playgroup compared with the home allows you to see what else interests your child. Watching them experiment and respond to particular toys and activities helps you understand what to incorporate into play at home.

To start or join a Baby Playgroup in your area, contact 1800 171 882 for more information. If you’ve got a friend or family member with a new baby, suggest they get involved in Baby Playgroup!