Being a Group Leader

By Janine Regan

Behind every good playgroup stands a group of committed and involved parents. Sometimes it’s only one or two, but they are the ones who drive and motivate the group.  Have you ever considered joining them? Ever thought about having your voice heard and making it count?

The success of a playgroup is found in sharing the workload and ensuring that no one person takes on too heavy a load. Group leaders are central to the smooth running of a playgroup and should always be valued and supported by the group. Taking on a position of some responsibility can be a rewarding learning experience.

In small playgroups, a formal committee is rarely needed. Individuals may be allocated responsibilities such as group leader, treasurer, enrolment officer, secretary and purchasing officer. When a playgroup has more than one session running, a committee may be necessary. This usually consisted of a president, secretary, treasurer and representative from each session.

A group leader’s role can include some or all of the following tasks:

  • Motivate the group
  • Ensure everyone’s views are heard
  • Ensure all members are informed of decisions
  • Format a roster of routine tasks
  • Act as the telephone contact for new families
  • Act as the Playgroup Victoria contact person
  • Coordinate the other positions of responsibility
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate!

(Click here to view job descriptions for all positions)

As a group leader you can learn so much and increase your management and people skills. It’s a great way to keep actively involved and maintain the grey matter after stopping work to have children. Many playgroupers have developed valuable skills that have taken into other positions of responsibility such as kinder and school committees/councils, Playgroup Victoria’s Committee and local government councils.

Playgroups are not just about children learning through play. They are about parents learning and growing together in a community. There is no better way to get to know others at your playgroup than to become a group leader. Make it as productive and rewarding as your child does. Not only will your playgroup benefit, so will you.