Roster Playgroups

Roster playgroups

  •  Parents take turns to be at playgroup to supervise the session while other parents are absent
  •  Can by led by a leader
  •  Must be organised by parents
  •  Meet for only a few hours a week
  •  Must be non commercial
  •  Must be registered with Playgroup Victoria as a Roster Playgroup ($575 annual fee) and meet guidelines
  •  Must be an incorporated association or auspiced by an incorporated body
  •  Must have a comprehensive insurance policy
  •  Must maintain a ratio of children to adults that does not exceed 4:1
  •  Must cater for children aged two as at 30 June
  •  Must be no more than 21 children, including siblings
Roster Playgroup Guidelines 2016 
Roster Playgroup Registration Booklet 2016