Roster Playgroups

As part of Playgroup Victoria’s current membership review we are not able to register any new roster playgroups. The other option for registering a roster Playgroup is through Victorian government licencing - Please see below.

Licensed under Victorian Legislation

 You can contact the Quality Assessment and Regulation Division (QARD) of the Department to determine whether the operating model for your Roster Playgroup would meet the definition of Children's Services and require a licence.

 If it is determined that a license is required, a licence must be granted subject to compliance with all requirements of this legislation, which ensures children are cared for or educated in an environment that is safe and meets their developmental needs.

These requirements include or relate to:

  • Children are protected from harm and any hazard likely to cause injury
  • Children's services have an anaphylaxis managementpolicy
  • Adherence to the No Jab, No Play legislation
  • Children's programs must be available based on the developmental needs, interests and experiences of each child, taking into account individual differences and enhancing each child's development
  • Adequate supervision of children
  • Discipline of children
  • Maintenance of premises
  • Child/staff ratios are adhered to.

An annual fee of $209.10 applies for a standard licence up to and including 15 places, and $432.10 for 16 or more places. Under this arrangement,you are not required to be registered with Playgroup Victoria as a Roster Playgroup. 

For questions about becoming a licensed service, please contact the Department of Education and Training on {03} 96372000 or visit the website: