MyTime is a national facilitated peer support program for parents and caregivers of children  (aged 0-18) with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition. It is funded by the Australian Government and coordinated nationally by the Parenting Research Centre.


MyTime groups receive funding to meet for 64 hours a year with a facilitator in a community setting, allowing parents and caregivers to come together to socialise and find out about local community support and research based parenting information while their children are supervised by play helpers. Despite this supervision, children remain the responsibility of the parent/carer at all times.

Any person who is eligible for the Carer (child) allowance is welcome to attend until their child reaches 18. Children can accompany members to groups until they reach school age.

During group sessions, play helpers keep preschool children, including under school aged siblings busy with activities such as singing, drawing, playing with toys, blocks or sand so members can spend time catching up with one another.

There are MyTime groups in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Playgroup Victoria is a Coalition Lead Agency.


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Email or phone 1800 171 882 ext. 103 if you are interested in joining a MyTime group in your area.

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