Communities of Practice



Since October 2017, Playgroup Victoria have taken on a new role leading Communities of Practice (CoP) across Victoria for DET funded supported playgroup facilitators. CoPs will provide opportunities for facilitators to network, share practice and enhance opportunities for the children and families they work with in supported playgroups. There are currently six groups across the state, increasing to 12 from term 2, 2018 as DET supported playgroup funding extends to all Local Government Areas in Victoria. 
Each CoP defines its own unique vision, defining themes and topics to be focused on throughout the year, as described below, 


Our community of practice will be a flexible platform to open up nurturing and collaborative dialogue that elevates our practice. It keeps us inspired to become better at what we do every day, to have a positie impact on our playgroup families. Some comments provided by participants following initial gatherings in October 2017 include: 
‘I think there is huge potential for learning and sharing. I feel part of the bigger picture, not alone in the challenges I face.’ 
‘I feel very excited about the possibilities that will evolve from today’s workshop. Our group was very positive and had a shared vision of what we want to achieve. I think this CoP will help to improve my delivery of smalltalk.’

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