ALL come out to play!

Delivered with humour, dancing and fun for all, All come out to play! is a session that helps children learn about respectful relationships and equality. 

There are songs and games, lots of exciting toys to play with and it is good for people who are still learning English as well. The session encourages girls to be strong and confident and boys to seek help when they need it – it has a message of equality and respect for everyone.

The fun filled session runs for approximately 40 minutes and is loads of fun for children and adults.

Heaps of fun at MPavillion with ALL come out to play!

What to expect at All come out to play!

  • Participation! Participation! Participation!
  • We encourage you to sit with your child and fully immerse yourself in our ‘ALL come out to play!’ session
  • The more involved you are, the more your child will engage and enjoy the session
  • The sessions are very interactive and inclusive – we encourage dialogue between the Children/Presenter/Parents/Carers as different topics & themes arise and are explored

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