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The Playgroup Victoria Board Nominations

Playgroup Victoria hereby calls for nominations for the election of the Chairperson and four elected members and four expect member to the Playgroup Victoria Board. In accordance with the Playgroup Victoria Inc Constitution (October 2014),

All the members of the Board except the expert members are elected from the Family, Agency, Professional, Life or Member Playgroup members by the members present at the Annual General Meeting. The elections must be conducted in the order of the positions in clause 6.2.

a) At the time of election, the Board shall not have more than two persons residing in the same municipality, or not more than two persons whose children attend the same playgroup, or not more than two persons from the same agency or organisation.

b) If, when the votes are counted for a particular position on the Board, the declaration of a candidate would result in a breach of sub rule (a) of this rule, the returning officer shall disqualify any such candidate for that position and declare that candidate elected who has the highest number of votes of those remaining.

Nominations must:

1.      Nominations must be signed by the candidate and by another member of Playgroup Victoria Inc.

2.      Nominations may be accompanied by a photograph and a statement of not more than 200 words in support of the candidate. (optional)

3.      Nominations must meet the requirements of the constitution and be received at the office of Playgroup Victoria Inc. by, 2nd October 2018 being at least one month before the Annual General Meeting to be held on 30th October, 2018.

4.      A member may nominate for more than one position but, if successful in more than one ballot must elect which to accept.

Those members of the Board elected at the Annual General Meeting hold office until the completion of the following Annual General Meeting.


Nominations close: Tuesday 2nd October 2018

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