Realising the potential in each and every child

Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a teacher, just like my Dad.

It wasn’t until I had two sons of my own and my eldest started attending a Montessori kinder program, that I felt I had to know what this ‘Montessori’ was about; because whatever it was it was working.

I began studying Montessori, volunteering at every opportunity and it wasn’t long until I was offered a job and completed my Diploma in Montessori.

My love of children and devotion to early development never waned which led me to a wonderful milestone, the opening of Precious Cargo.

We have recently opened our centre in Heatherton, Victoria. This joins the 7 South Australian centres all of which proudly educate and care for children using the Montessori Method.

Montessori is a specific teaching method, developed by Dr Maria Montessori over 100 years ago who found children require a specific environment to learn, absorb, and develop to their full potential. This environment requires specific preparation and the teacher is trained to observe and understand the needs of the classroom and individual children.

The most obvious difference in a Montessori environment is that it is calm, structured and based on real-life lessons. All of our activities have an educational element.

The children are stimulated from many different angles due to the wide variety of curriculum and specialised classes we offer.

Our centre in Heatherton has been purposefully built with a specifically designed outdoor space to ensure that it meets our Montessori curriculum.

Precious Cargo Heatherton is now open between 6.30am and 6pm Mon to Fri; we incorporate both long day care and a kinder program, taking children from 6 weeks to school age. Our fees are $109 for under 3, $107 for over 3 and $97 for the kinder program, which we understand is vastly different from other providers as Precious Cargo’s business model has been designed around educating children so they can realise their potential

At Precious Cargo, our fee structure & our teaching method isn’t the only thing we do differently, we supply nutritious food carefully designed and prepared by our chef, including a cooked dinner; content children on the drive home, yeh! We also supply Huggies nappies and formula.

We would love to welcome you to our centre and give you a guided tour which can be booked through our website or phone 03 95580655