Autumn Beauty

Some of us mourn the dwindling days of summer as we wave goodbye to our long holidays and trundle into the cooler months. Yet the changing of seasons is rather wondersome and with change comes good things. Autumn is rich with intricacy, intrigue and colour- three things that children love.

The Easter Holidays have begun and we have a few activity ideas to make the most of this glorious season.

Rug up and go on an adventure

It is a wonderful feeling when you are warm and rugged up with the fresh cool breeze on your face. Autumn days are often draped in sunshine that kindly falls upon us and highlights the gorgeous vibrancy of autumn leaves. Take your playgroup out on a walk through the leafy streets, visit a park or encourage your children to venture out into the back garden to play games amongst the fallen leaves and on the cool earth.

Search for animals and insects

​Keep an eye out for birds, insects and different animals throughout the garden. See if you can name them or tell the children something interesting about the creatures living outside. 

Collect autumn leaves

Take a few plastic bags or tote bags with you and help your children find the most extraordinary leaves that you can. Auburn, burgundy, musky pink, gold tinged, deep ruby red- the colours that drop from the trees are spectacular and the patterns are too. Children learn about description and colour variations. Their artistic veins start pumping as inspiration pours down upon them; they also gain an appreciation for the great outdoors and the magical world around them. 

Take photographs

Simply pack your phone, iPad, camera or even buy a disposable camera to take photos as you journey along. Assist the children to take photos, of you and of fascinating things you may discover. Enjoy the aesthetic. Try to take some selfies to capture you having fun together.

Make a collage

Gather colourful autumn leaves to make a collage. You can stick it on the fridge to display or give the collage to a friend or family member as a gift. This gives your child a great confidence boost and encourages their creative spirit. If you like, print off the photographs you have taken to add a personal touch to the collage. You may keep and treasure these memories for years to come!

Draw, colour-in and paint

​Put som
e newspaper down on the kitchen table or back deck and let the children do colour- ins, drawings, or paintings. Share the autumn beauty around with friends, family and neighbours. Things like this brighten our days.

Make a cake or bake some cookies with an Autumn theme 

Bake a orange cake or a carrot cake and decorate in autumn colours. Making cookies is always a fun activity with kids and you can help the children decorate the top with icing in leaf shapes or simply in autumn colours. Let the children be as creative as they like!

Wishing you all a joyous autumn full of fun, learning, and laughter.

By Sinead Halliday